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Arnie (TV Series 1970–1972)

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KRXQ Sacramento Radio Hosts Have History of Obscenity Involving Children: FCC Report

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Arnie declined to apologize, on the grounds that he was joking and not actually advocating violence against children.

  • Before telling himself to get his ass to Mars, Arnie explains who he is to himself… 32.

  • It was a kick in the gut, a blindside hit from a linebacker.

Arnie (TV Series 1970–1972)

Everyone knew he was depressed.

  • States and Williams chose to use that authority to attack a segment of the childhood population who are more vulnerable than almost any other.

  • Praise to the Immortality of Jesus Additional original music by Pauline Kim Harris and Holland Andrews Afterwardsness was Commissioned and Produced by Park Avenue Armory and premiered at the Wade Thompson Drill Hall as a Social Distance Hall Production in May 2021.